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How To Add Extra Nutrient Boosters to Favourite Family Meals And Reduce Mealtime Stress

Learn how to increase the nutrition of your families favourite meals in our FREE 5-day Nutrient Booster & Picky Eater Series!

In this series we’ll be sharing creative ways you can increase the nutrients of some meals your kids already love to ensure they are getting a good boost of nutrition with every meal.


Join us and be inspired with ideas

on how you can nourish-up four popular family favourite recipes so you can spend less time worrying about whether your kids are getting enough sustenance and more time and space to enjoy quality time with them.

Plus, there will be daily LIVE CHATS to help you understand how to approach your picky eater and start to end mealtime battles!


On Day 3 we will be hosting a LIVE Q&A where we'll share some of the key learning we've made as parents and coaches with you, as well as taking your questions.

There will be lots of opportunity for Q & A’s throughout the series!


You will receive a downloadable recipe and ingredient list and workbook plus a separate list of nutrient boosters you can easily add into your family meals to pop on your fridge.

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By the end of the series feel confident to be able to help your kids:

Feel fuller for longer

Keep moods stable

Populate their gut with good bacteria

Really ramp up their immunity

Increase brain power

Increase energy

Sleep restfully

And flood their brains and bodies with nutrients


Hi, I’m Brenda, I’m an integrative health coach, wellness blogger, recipe creator and passionate advocate for women’s and children’s health. I believe it’s every child’s birthright to live a healthy life full of vitality. As a mum of two I also understand first hand parent’s struggles when it comes to feeding our children well.


My babes are now teenagers who love eating real food, but it wasn’t always this way. These days they are rarely ill, focus well at school, excel at their sports, and most importantly are happy with stable moods (as stable as you can get for a teen!). I love sharing all the solutions I’ve used to raise competent, nourished eaters and have helped thousands of parents to do the same.

Hi I'm Alexx, author, health coach and founder of Low Tox Life. I've passionately created online education solutions for the past decade, to support families to do better for their health and our beautiful planet. My road into caring and understanding started with food, so coming back to food is always like coming home to where it all began for me. Identifying key nutrients I was deficient in and upping nutrients through meals was such a gift in my late 20s as I struggled with a couple of health issues and to now support my gorgeous healthy 10 year old son, and the Low Tox community in developing more confidence and literacy around food is something I love to do. It doesn't have to be hard and the results can be transformative. Why did I not become a practitioner? There are so many talented ones to interview, collaborate with and refer and I believe in sticking to our gifts. My gift is to decipher, distil complicated information and cheerlead! So, collaborating with and showcasing incredible scientists, doctors and holistic practitioners is where the evidence-based research comes in to form the foundations of what we then go on to achieve in the community. I'm so excited to support and welcome you to this new series we've created. If we get kids eating right, it's just about the most powerful preventative health strategy going! See you in the group x


Join us and learn the tips, tricks and hacks that we use to dial up the nutrition of your kids favourite meals with simple, yummy ingredients AND? Combat fussy eating while you do it!

See you there for kick off June 7!
Alexx & Bren xx