Course Information, Upgrade Link and Key Dates


Hello! Here are the essential bits of info in terms of what's covered, when and how to upgrade if you fancy doing so throughout the course.

You will receive emails Wednesday - Friday - Mondays starting May 9th 2018 for the 10 topics.

If you chose the 'basics' option you will have full access to the course until July 7th, midnight Australia time.

If you want to upgrade from BASICS to LIFETIME ACCESS you can upgrade here.

You have access to the Lunchbox special over in the partner offers from Emporio Organico until May 30th - Enjoy!

So here is the order of the 10 core topics we're going to be covering for the next 3 weeks. Each will become available as we progress through the course.

  1. Pantry Staples, Produce Staples and breakfast - thinking outside the cereal box!
  2. Immune Function and gut health
  3. Fussy Eating and getting kids in the kitchen!
  4. Family meal time - Why it is critical to your child's real food education and SO much more!
  5. Additives - how to become a great food detective AND get the kids involved
  6. Mindful Eating - a lifelong healthy habit
  7. Lunchboxes from preschool to HSC / A Levels / SAT's
  8. Nutrient Density - What it is, what it can do for you and your kids, HOW to pack those nutrients in!
  9. Body Image - We're never too young to develop love for our bodies
  10. How to do real food 'out there' when socialising or having to gently approach a disagreement with a canteen situation or accommodate a food intolerance or allergy for your child out and about.

On May 31st All lifetime membership access students will see the "BONUS TOPICS AND RESOURCES" button pop up in the course home navigation page. Enjoy your 4 x bonus interviews with Dr Ron Ehrlich, Georgia Lienemann, Jess Donovan and Maggie Dent as well as the bonus additive cheat sheet, lunchbox GO-TO Fridge pdf and full course booklet.


We hope you enjoy the course as much as we enjoy running it!

Here's to our Thriving Kids

Alexx and Brenda x