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Nothing is more precious than our children

It is every child’s birthright to enjoy life in robust health and it’s our job to support their health and do the best we can when and if something does arise.

Our kid’s health is so much more in our hands than we credit and sometimes we can feel powerless. Well that ends now. If you want to feel confident to give a positive and successful food education to your child, whatever their age, then you’ve come to the right place.

Does this sound like you? 

Are you overwhelmed with all the information about health and nutrition and not sure where to start?

Are you ready to embrace positive nutrition but unsure how to implement it into your home?

Do you feel frustrated with your fussy eaters?

Are your children constantly getting sick with coughs and colds?

Do you struggle with your child’s behaviour? Are they restless, fidgety, impulsive, hyperactive, anxious or forgetful?

Do your children struggle to concentrate at school or on activities?

Are you doing your best to raise a healthy family at home but find all your good work goes challenged or comes undone at social gatherings?

Do you struggle to get well balanced meals on the table that everyone will enjoy together?

 Do you want to give your kids the best start to life and empower them with knowledge and tools so they can live a vivacious and healthy life?

 Are you passionate about finding that balance between giving your children a healthy foundation without giving them food anxiety and fear around non wholefoods?


March 22nd 2017 we kick off again

You can now join over 1100 families who have benefited from the THRIVE philosophy and education program.

Our life changing 21 day course THRIVE will help you 

The course was created by 2 very passionate health coaches and real food advocates – that’s us: Alexx Stuart and Brenda Janschek.

I’m Alexx Stuart. I’m a certified health coach, speaker author and relentless campaigner against ‘weirdo packets of fakeness’ – NOT against people who eat fake food, boy I’ve had my fair share don’t you worry about that! More against the system that lands it in our laps in the first place. At the end of the day, I’m determined to hand the world down to all our beautiful little people in the best shape I can and raise my little guy as strong and healthy as he can be.

I do this through my Low Tox Life website hub – a place to help people connect the dots between their health, the planet’s health, and the many delicious things we can do to care for the two together, while truly enjoying life.

I’ve been the guilty, shamed diet type while trying to figure things out for myself. I’ve been chronically unwell. I get it. There’s no shame or guilt in my coaching. Your pace, your way and we must get excited about what we’re changing today, however small the change may be, rather than feeling guilty about what we didn’t know before.  Oh, and I’m not about to stop you from having your cake, too!


And I’m Brenda Janschek. I too am a certified health coach, wellness blogger, recipe creator and passionate advocate for women’s and children’s health. Through my workshops/cooking displays, coaching, kids cooking classes, kitchen makeovers and e-courses, I endeavour to inspire and empower positive wellbeing in families across Australia and beyond.

I’m a busy mum of two tweens and spend half my life as a taxi driver, ferrying them around to their extra curricular activities as well as cooking for their fast growing bodies! I’m a regular contributor for Fairfax publication Kidspot, tackling some of the trickiest topics we must navigate as parents, and it’s such a joy to witness the lightbulb moments I see in my work.

Together we have created a course to help answer all of the questions you ask us each day in our own communities. THRIVE is bursting with information to help you promote robust health and vitality through all the stages of your children’s life and will give you the tools to take your current situation up as many notches as you need and desire.


The reality of our kid’s health is bleak. Chronic disease amongst children has never been higher. Diabetes, auto-immune disease, chronic infections and diseases like cancer are on the rise. Intellectual and behavioural development are also being impaired and it’s time to turn things around – because there is SO much we can do as parents. Food can take us SUCH a huge step of the way towards our kids’ best health.

We’ve lost our way a bit. We feel powerless to the demands of the fussy eater or the negative Nancy or the tantrum. We must take back control in a beautiful, firm and loving way – for our sanity as well as for our children’s wellness education. There’s nothing wrong with boundaries and there’s nothing wrong with one meal for all and that’s that – We’re going to show you how it’s all possible and how quickly things can turn around.

Will your child 100% guaranteed love every vegetable under the son? No. I (Alexx) can’t stand green capsicum. Never liked it. We’re all allowed preferences in life.

Is it always going to be easy and fun? No. Will it always worth it? Absolutely yes it will be.

With knowledge comes power and THRIVE will empower you with the knowledge and nutritional skills to give your children the greatest opportunity to enjoy life in robust health, which should be every child’s birthright.


  • The role food plays in preventing and reversing disease
  • The best foods to boost your child’s brain, gut and immune health
  • Our top tips on how to handle even the fussiest of eaters
  • How to become confident in feeding your family life giving, nutritious food at every meal, including snacks!
  • The right way to read nutrition and ingredient labels; what to look out for and how you can teach your kids to have fun reading them too
  • How to navigate negativity from the outside world as you make better food choices
  • The foods you need to ditch and the foods you need to enrich your pantry and fridge
  • Tips on how to save time and effort in the kitchen
  • How to turn the food your kids already love into a powerhouse of nutrient density to stop “bottomless pit syndrome”
  • How to achieve better physical, mental and emotional health for your family
  • The importance of avoiding food additives and preservatives and the main offenders to look out for
  • How to recognise food allergies and sensitivities
  • The common foods linked to Type 2 Diabetes, auto-immune diseases, skin issues and asthma.
  • How to wean your kids off excessive simple carbohydrates and sugars


  • The 10 topics delivered over 3 weeks via email and our course portal
  • Weekly meal plans for each of the 3 weeks, containing our own family’s best-loved, no-fuss recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, from some of our favourite recipe creators, including ourselves!
  • Comprehensive pantry staple list with all our researched and recommended brands.
  • Simple daily tasks to complete to help you implement positive, sustainable changes.
  • Interviews with the best experts in their field focusing on specific topics we tackle during our course.
  • Access to your private facebook group where you can connect with a likeminded and supportive community to discuss the topics as they roll out and share challenges, progress, wins and ideas.
  • Access to us, your health coaches, and some of our experts, via the private facebook group.


You will receive a new topic Wednesday, Friday and Mondays for the 3 weeks with that day’s learnings, additional resources, links, interview and tips for implementation as well as goal setting. This will pop straight to your inbox via an email with a link to your member-only course site.

You will have full access to the support group ongoing after the course.

All interviews from the 3 week course will be available for 60 days, so there’s zero stress if you have to be away for a week here or there. Your pace. Your way.

What aged children is the course aimed at?

There will be information in all the modules than can be applied to any stage of childhood, from baby right through to late teenage years.

Is there any specific for philosophy or diet recommended?

No. Real Food is the only ‘food’ recommended. There are notes within the meal plans for swap out suggestions for various intolerances and allergies. You can adapt and swap out things based on preference and dietary need. Everything recommend is a whole food approach. No refined flours, sugars, additives, preservatives or artificial colours – but a guarantee of deliciousness.


Fancy hearing from our alumni parents? 




You don’t need an ad to tell you how awesome your course is Alexx Stuart & Brenda Janschek but seriously – it’s brilliant! ‘All the colours of the rainbow’ is a phrase that stuck with me and my kids. Thank you so much xx Sarah Chapman
This year has been a big learning journey & I had two very fussy eaters who were being dragged along for the ride. I’m happy to say that I no longer buy processed breakfast food & make all breakky from scratch. We have had no sick days this year & not one trip to the doctor. It’s nice to sit here tonight & reflect on the year & realise how far we have come. Thanks again Brenda & Alexx. Jenny Jones
I have been meaning to say a big thank you to Alexx & Brenda for this amazingly informative course!! Such pearls of wisdom, so easy to implement & so rewarding!! I could never understand why my three year old boy would get so confronted by something new on his plate…after your course it makes sense & your life changing tip is such an easy way to solve the dramas. I get such joy from adding all the suggested nourishing extras & having the knowledge to know what can be added. Purple sprinkles are a hit Alexx!! Thank you so very much. xx Jules Roberts
I’m so happy I managed to pull together a healthy meal tonight with almost nothing left in fridge. Never would have thought to put all these things together before this course – wilted chard turned into chard version of kale chips, frozen peas steamed and tossed with butter, sweet potato steamed then sauteed in coconut oil, and salmon defrosted from fridge, dredged in eggs my little man broke open and whisked himself, then tossed in leftover spelt bread turned into crumbs with dulse flakes and lemon rind and fried in coconut oil. Little man went mad for the chard chips dipped in some yoghurt, not sure he had much of the peas or sweet potato, and only two pieces of salmon, but its much better than a month ago, and Daddy and I are laughing he just downed a previously loathed green veg! Can’t thank you enough Alexx and Brenda. Nicole Redenbach
Make time for the body image interview it was AMAZING!! Running out of time i was going to skip it as my daughter is only 3 and i thought i could learn about it later… I was just so inspired and learned a lot to think about, even now as an adult. Very wise man David is, thanks for finding him girls!!! Kellie Jeffries
I just watched the video with Dr Gina Martins!! Aaaaaggghhh Thrive! Where were you 3 and a bit years ago when my first born would scream the house down for hours every night, and throw up most of the milk that I would lovingly and painfully spend hours feeding to her?? Thank you. Amazing. Emy Turner
I need to send a huge thank you and a hug to you all – Alexx, Brenda, Simone, and all of the other brilliant experts who contributed, and of course all of the Thrivers!! I seem to have a totally different child now and I am loving it. Kara Wilson 
I am loving the support group for so many reasons, but one big one is that my Facebook newsfeed is so positive (but also so real, everyone’s struggles are just as helpful as successes because we can learn from each other, and feel normal too!), filled with parents who are striving to give their kids the best nutrition. It inspires me to keep on keeping on! Thank you everyone and Brenda and Alexx. Natalie Blanch
A massive thank you Alexx Stuart and Brenda Janschek for your amazing course, your guidance & support, your words of comfort and wealth of knowledge. You two were amazing during this course and I can’t thank you enough. xx Leigh Morgan-Walker
A huge thanks for this course. It red flagged some suspicions I had about both myself and our youngest daughter and now has us all eating even more healthily than we did. Kayscha Corcoran










Naturopath and mother of 2 speaks to us about gut health, immunity, probiotic foods and a few super interesting tangents






Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, BMed Sc and mum of 2, speaks to us about hidden common deficiencies, how to spot them and what foods to include to get back to balance.







is a chiropractor with 20 years experience, writer, speaker and mother of 2. She will share her passion for helping families join the dots between structural, nutritional and emotional adjustments and how this helps us become more balanced, connected and thriving. 







Simone Emery is a food technologist and children’s feeding expert with training in feeding therapy. She particularly focuses on fussy eating behaviours.








Sharing her own additive free journey to inspire change…because our children are worth it!







Presenter and nutrition expert Jenny Tschiesche BSc Dip.M Dip.ION FdSc BANT  is the founder of 








Consultant Pediatrician and public health specialist focused on disease prevention through healthy nutrition and lifestyle.








David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW, is a counselor, educator, speaker, author and attorney. He is an advocate for positive body image and provides interesting insights on how this affects our children.








BSc. (Hons.), M.Litt (Psych), D.Psych.(Clinical)

Dr Deirdre Ryan holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, is an author and Principal Clinical Psychologist at Aruna Psychology. Deirdre currently works as a Clinical Psychologist at The Royal Children’s Hospital and at Headspace, The National Youth Mental Health Organisation. As part of her special interest in Eating Disorder prevention Deirdre co-authored a children’s book ‘The Magnificent Toby Plum’ which aims to enhance self-esteem and promote positive body image in children and a love for each other’s differences. 





Accredited Practising Dietitian, Nutritionist and Positive Body Image Advocate. Passionate about exploring the link between how we feel about our bodies and the decisions we make about food. Strives to help people have a healthy and peaceful relationship with food and their body.

Bonus Interviews for Thrive package and these are bonuses you won’t want to miss! 



Commonly known as Australia’s ‘queen of common-sense’, Maggie Dent is an author, educator, and parenting and resilience specialist with a particular interest in the early years and adolescence. She is the author of seven books, mother of four wonderful sons and a very grateful grandmother. Maggie shares her wisdom on how to help our children make positive decisions around food, how to avoid creating fear around food, how to build resilience when our kid’s food choices are different from others plus the importance of rituals and family meal time






B.D.S (Syd Uni) FACNEM (Dent) Dr. Ron Ehrlich, or ‘Dr. Ron’ as he is affectionately known, is one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates, educators, a broadcaster and a holistic dentist. Over 30 years of practice Dr. Ron has developed his health model of how stress affects our health; breaking stress down to emotional, environmental, nutritional, structural and dental stressors. The model has shaped
Dr. Ron’s keynotes, lectures and workshops both in locally and internationally. We discuss the vital role in healthy jaw formation in kids, how to get them breathing beautifully and how to maintain great oral and overall health.





Nutritionist and champion of Nose to Tail eating philosophy, put in practical terms, Georgia passionately crusades for us to experience the best health we can – She radiates it herself and shares with us critical information on getting those first couple of years of feeding babies and toddlers to be the best they can be.